Why Partner?

Old Veteran Construction, Inc. believes that Partnering provides the ability to share new innovations with our fellow members of the construction industry.  By identifying the appropriate partners, we not only bring their respective experience, but value to the team and to our customers.

In simple terms, OVC, Inc. believes Partnering is simply individuals working together – a voluntary system of handling normal, everyday jobsite construction challenges in a mutually agreeable manner.  Clearly, the best dispute resolution is dispute prevention.  By taking the time at the start of the project to identify common goals, common interests, lines of communication, and a commitment to cooperative problem solving, OVC, Inc. encourages the will to resolve disputes and achieve project goals.

Through partnering, OVC, Inc. attempts to establish a working relationship among all team members, based on cooperation and teamwork and achievement of mutual goals and objectives. Partnering is a concept that every contract has an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, and through the exercise of that agreement, the stakeholders strive to create a synergy of purpose to solve problems for the good of the project.

Old Veteran Construction, Inc.’s mutual goal is to foster the spirit of Partnering in all construction projects and relationships.  We believe that this spirit should extend beyond just a single project.  The final goal of this joint effort is to create long term relationships that engender trust and cooperation in all stakeholders, as they strive together to create a useful and successful infrastructure that supports the needs and desires of all our clients.

At Old Veteran Construction, Inc., we believe the most important thing we build is relationships.